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Be Seen While Outdoors

34% of cyclists who were killed were struck by a vehicle in the dark. – Transport Canada

Adventure Lights specializes in positive identification. For over 25 years, our team of designers and engineers in Canada have been focusing their entire R&D efforts to offer the best positive identification products for people to See and Be Seen™.

Whether for running, or taking a walk, if you are spending time outside with your furry friend, camping, hiking, travelling, skiing, swimming, wakeboarding, fishing, or hunting, then Adventure Lights has a solution to help you return home safe.

We design the lightest, brightest, and toughest products in their category. Our beacons are highly effective at relaying signals up to 5km under different environments and conditions, with a replaceable battery lasting up to 250 hours. They operate in extreme weather conditions and are tested to operate in conditions varying from -40C to +50C! Of course, our products are also waterproof to 350 feet (100 meters).

The Guardian™ Dog Signal and Safety LED Light literally survived a snow blower, and an entire winter!

“One day while my dog played in the snow, she dislodged a blinking Guardian from her collar. With the standard utility clip attached to the light, the light dropped into the snow. Losing track of it, I had assumed it was lost forever. Three (3) months later, I spotted it several feet into the woods, STILL BLINKING! It had survived the winter. The clip, however, was shattered from passing through the snowblower.“ – Kelly

Cycling is a very eco-friendly, forward thinking, and economical way of getting around the city. Unless the user is a competitive cyclist with hundreds of dollars in equipment, then they are usually like the rest of us – just want to get around town in our awesome street clothes. Nevertheless, we should always do it safely.

Bicycle specific lights, such as Guardian Trident™ LED Bicycle Light, are wonderful investments. The LED light connects to the bicycle, providing a bright, hands-free, triple function and omnidirectional source of light. It is the premium model of our portable beacons. It can easily be changed between three functions: 120 BPM Flashing mode, a steady on mode, a warning strobe by simply turning the bezel. The included mount can be attached to any pole up to 1.5” (3.8 cm) in diameter, allowing cyclists to attach it to their seat, post or handlebars. It also comes with a detachable clip that can be used to secure the Guardian Trident™ Bike Light to wheel spokes, backpacks, or jackets. Available in white output as a front light or red output as a taillight, the LED light is visible from 3 miles (5 Kms) away.

During night driving …a driver would have to be going no more than 20 mph to ensure seeing every potential hazard in time to stop – Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do, Tom Vanderbilt

Avoid becoming a statistic and always invest in products and knowledge which can enhance your safety. Whether to improve your visibility in traffic, prevent collision, light up your path or for emergency signaling, Adventure Lights offers a complete light of positive identification markers, beacons, and strobes to help enhance your safety and help you return home safe.


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